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Product Description:

New Version 
The sound is better: squealing noise won't appear during your call 
Become lighter and thinner: New Version (61g weight) V.S. Old Version (82g weight) 
They built-in Screen Protector is wider: the phone screen (even the edges) is fully accessible 
Rubber covering Headphone jack is detachable, charging port is covered by specially designed plastic, which is more secure. 

1. Pls put paper in the case to test waterproof function,instead phone.If have any problem,feel free to contact us. 
2. Please carefully read the manual installation and correct guidance. 
3. Please be convinced of the true thing that All waterproof cases meet the same problem of Sound Quality when Taking/Making Calls for the phone is completely sealed in the case, Pls try Hand-free "Speaker" or use Headset/Headphone, the Voice/Sound will be better. 
4. Please don't let the case fell from too high place ,may be caused an damage with your phone! 
5. Charging port is only for Orginial Apple lightning cable.