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Bird on a wire: goldie hawn and mel gibson star in the action-packed comedy about an fbi witness and his old flame on a cross-country scramble from gangsters, the police and a love-struck veterinarian. The cowboy way: a missing girl has pepper lewis (keifer sutherland) and sonny gilstrap (woody harrelson) saddled up for big trouble as they set out to find her within the badlands of new york city., stop! Or my mom will shoot: a detective's (sylvester stallone) life is turned upside down when his feisty mother (estelle getty) witnesses a murder and becomes his unlikely partner.


Another midnight run: in the sequel to midnight run bounty hunter jack walsh (christoper mcdonald) targets a husband-and-wife con-team for his next job.Renegades: kiefer sutherland and lou diamond phillips star two mavericks who join forces to bust the city's biggest crime ring. Bulletproof: adam sandler and damon wayans star as two former friends who find themselves on opposite sides of the law and are forced to go on the run together.

Gotcha: ucla student and paintball champion jonathan moore (anthony edwards) is seduced by an international spy (linda fiorentino) and suddenly has a strange canister on film in his backpack and a team of kgb agents on his back. Bandit goes country: based on the 1977 movie smokey and the bandit bandit and country music star mel tillis form a new business relationship together, with brian bloom featured in the role originated by burt reynolds.