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Product Description:

The Giant Gila Monster 
A mammoth Gila monster terrorizes an unsuspecting town by stomping through the streets, crushing buildings and killing at will. When a local's kid sister is nearly slain by the giant menace, he decides to take matters into his own hands and stop the monster from wreaking any more havoc. 

The Killer Shrews 
As a hurricane approaches, Captain Thorne Sherman (James Best) docks at an isolated island to drop off supplies to a mad scientist and his beautiful daughter. Dr. Craigis has accidentally created a race of giant shrews that manage to escape during the storm. The only way to survive is to somehow make it off the island... 

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues 
Dr. Ted Stevens (Kent Taylor) and detective William Grant (Rodney Bell) are sent by the government to investigate a series of puzzling deaths along the coast. With evidence of radiation exposure and the discovery of a staff member on the beach, spear gun in hand, Grant suspects the Pacific College of Oceanography is involved. Has a monstrous beast been irradiated and roused from the depths of the sea? 

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet 
When a rocket ship containing a crew is sent to Venus, the mission goes horribly wrong and another team is sent to search for survivors. Once on the mist-enshrouded planet the rescue squad encounters unusual creatures such as dinosaurs—and bizarre beings, including a half-lizard, half-man that impedes their search. 

When space explorers discover a strange container on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, they release a hideous creature that has been asleep for ages—one that has a taste for human flesh. And when a rival corporation's exploration group arrives to search for the missing men, they will learn all too quickly what has happened. 

A wildlife photographer and her brother travel to the dense and mysterious Amazon jungle and find themselves in a fearful adventure when they become a madman's prey. But if the homicidal hunter doesn't get them, the Amazon waters are teeming with vicious, flesh-eating piranha that will. 

Attack of the Giant Leeches 
In a small swampland town, people are mysteriously disappearing. Rumor has it that there is a new breed of swamp leeches that have grown to immense proportions—and when bodies are found drained of blood and covered in giant sucker wounds, the game warden (Ken Clark) gets involved.