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Sky Wars: Ultimate Top Guns (Tin Can Collection) 5 Dvd

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Sky Wars: Ultimate Top Gun [DVD] 62826107219 Movies Sleek, powerful, fast and deadly. In the world of military aviation, the jet fighter rules the skies. Whether intercepting enemy bombers, escorting wayward jetliners or dogfighting other fighters, the fighter aircraft is the plane of choice for air forces the world over. Fighters provide air supremacy over the enemy - ensuring the safety and security of troops on the ground, allied strike packages and support planes - and from airborne threats. Technology is the driving force behind today's jet fighters. With every new generation of fighter plane, a faster, more precise and more deadly weapon emerges. Now, in this captivating collection you'll be given a first-hand look at the fighters that protect our skies. Over seven hours of striking footage highlights bombers, choppers, sea hawks and much more. From B-52s to the C-130 Hercules to the S-3 Viking, see what it's like inside these majestic fighter planes and get a sense of just how powerful they really are. "SkyWars: Ultimate Top Guns" is your front row seat to the intensity of air combat on five stunning DVDs that will thrill, exhilarate and engage you like never before.